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Vibrant cauliflower and cucumber tabbouleh

Vegan, gluten-free, preparation time: 20 minutes Although cauliflower’s popularity is increasing, many people don’t like its texture, smell or taste. The traditional methods of preparation like boiling or steaming don’t enhance its natural flavors, making it rubbery and dull. Fortunately for us, that healthy veggie when eaten raw, tossed with herbs and greens becomes a […]

Pistachio and green matcha no-bake cake

Vegan, gluten free Now, when spring is in full swing, is the time to reap the benefits and the vibrant color of green matcha tea by adding it to some of your meals and treats. Is matcha really special? Yes, it is. It’s different from other green teas you may be familiar with. The matcha […]

Gluten free tart with raspberry mascarpone cream

In February, red hearts, chocolates and amorous greeting cards remind us to reconnect with our significant others. Although Valentine’s Day is mostly about romantic love, it’s also an occasion to celebrate friendship and togetherness. It is a perfect time to reconnect with our loved ones and friends to express gratitude for their presence in our […]

Gluten free apple-cranberry cake

Christmas is coming and most of us are looking forward to it, anticipating time filled with fun, joy and delicious food. But the preparations preceding the festivities could be stressful and frustrating. We get anxious feeling pressured to decorate the house, find appropriate gifts for family and friends, cook sophisticated food for the Christmas feast. […]