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Italian plum and apricot tart

Knowing that fall is fast approaching with its shorter and cooler days, rain and leafless trees, I want to make the most of the warm late summer days. I keep my windows open to take in the late summer sounds (cicadas and birds), ride my bicycle to farmers’ markets to enjoy the bounty of produce […]

Fluffy gluten free tart cherry cake

Sour cherries are still in season so we can enjoy their abundance and make cherry pies and cakes, pancakes or preserves. Raw or cooked cherries not only taste fantastic, but also are an excellent source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds and offer multiple health benefits. The regular consumption of cherries is proven to reduce serious […]

Vibrant cauliflower and cucumber tabbouleh

Vegan, gluten-free, preparation time: 20 minutes Although cauliflower’s popularity is increasing, many people don’t like its texture, smell or taste. The traditional methods of preparation like boiling or steaming don’t enhance its natural flavors, making it rubbery and dull. Fortunately for us, that healthy veggie when eaten raw, tossed with herbs and greens becomes a […]

Pistachio and green matcha no-bake cake

Vegan, gluten free Now, when spring is in full swing, is the time to reap the benefits and the vibrant color of green matcha tea by adding it to some of your meals and treats. Is matcha really special? Yes, it is. It’s different from other green teas you may be familiar with. The matcha […]