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Autumn pear tart with toasted hazelnuts

Whenever I am about to prepare a dessert, I wonder how to make it healthy and nourishing without compromising its taste or appearance. I often follow recipes from France because they produce great results, but knowing that their mouth-watering qualities 🍰 are achieved with generous amounts of butter, cream and yolks, I share such recipes […]

Gluten free prune plum treats

.With fall fast approaching, I feel excited about this season’s fruit bounty and the countless possibilities it offers those, who love to bake or make jams and preserves. The fall fruits: plums, pears, apples, figs, cranberries, persimmons are delicious and juicy, full of diverse flavors and rich in nutrients and antioxidants that slow aging and […]

Shortbread tartlets with stewed apples and raisins

Apple season 🍎🍏 has just begun and it’s time to hit the local apple orchard and take advantage of the abundance of that beautiful and versatile fruit. Now, when there is so many apple varieties available at farmers’ markets and stores, we can use them more frequently in cooking and baking, creating pies, tarts and apple […]

Breakfast bowl with millet, avocado and fruits

Recently, breakfast bowls have become my favorite morning food🥣💕. I like to experiment with different combinations of fruits and grains and top them with sliced almonds or crushed nuts, sprinkled with a bit of ground flax or hemp seeds and, occasionally, add more exotic ingredients, like acai powder, aronia berries or camu camu to create […]

Shortbread cookies with edible flowers

Although summer may not be the best season for baking, on cooler or rainy days ☔💦 I like to let my imagination loose and prepare something fun, colorful and festive that doesn’t require a long time in the oven. I’ve recently discovered edible flowers🌸🌺, that a local Whole Foods Market sells in small packages at […]

Citrus infused water

Although the purpose of my blog is to share recipes for desserts 🍰🥧, I’ve decided to publish this post for six reasons: In the summer heat ☀🌞, when we experience increased water loss through sweating and evaporation, staying hydrated is essential for our physical and emotional well-being. Even slight dehydration may affect mood, affect memory […]