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Perfect treats for hot summer days

When hot weather hits really hard☀🔥, we crave refreshing and easy to digest foods to keep body and mind cool. We need to relax and slow down to soothe the stress created by additional demands that excessive heat puts on the body. Summer is the perfect time to indulge in light, healthy treats.  My favorite […]

Gluten free apple-banana pancakes with berries

Having several friends with celiac disease made me aware of how important it is for people with gluten intolerance to completely eliminate gluten from their diet. Although I tolerate gluten quite well, I happened to taste many gluten-free products they found on the market trying to recover from the harsh consequences of gluten consumption. Some […]

Simple strawberry tart with mascarpone cream

Desserts may not be the healthiest food on earth but when prepared at home from good quality ingredients and in the spirit of creativity, they can be fun and much less of a health hazard than the commercially made ones. You get to select the ingredients knowing exactly what is going to be used. In […]